Top Developer Nightmares of 2019

2019-09-18 23:39 By Carl-Johan Larsson - Comment(s)

As technology evolves, so do the nightmares that both web and app developers face. Every choice, from the platform, to data storage, including how much control to give users, is loaded with questions. And thanks to cloud storage, the growth of mobile technology and the accelerated vanguard, it ...

Things You Should Know about iOS App Development for Newbies

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If you are an entrepreneur who’s considering the option of venturing into iOS app development, then this article is for you. To be a successful iOS app developer, there are certain things you need to do right and before that, there are things you first need to understand. You should know very well t...

Prototype vs MVP vs POC: A Beginners Guide to App Development

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Product validation is an important stage in app development and it should be carried out with a suitable implementation process. There are three implementation processes commonly used in this stage and it may seem like a struggle for you to choose which suits your product the most. No matt...

Newbie Tips for iOS UX Design

2019-09-18 23:32 By Carl-Johan Larsson - Comment(s)

iOS redefines user interface design and provides great opportunities for you to achieve unique and engaging user experiences. Consider these common design guides before you begin coding to improve the usability and look of your apps. 

As an app designer, you can deliver an outstanding product th...

Newbie Tips for Android UX Design

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What is UX design? 

UX (User Experience) design involves creating systems, products or services that provide users with relevant and meaningful experiences. It involves designing the whole process of collecting and combining the product, including features of design, usability, br...

Mind mapping

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Mind Mapping—What is it, and How to Use It 

You’ve probably heard about mind mapping, but it sounds like some military stuff, and you can’t fathom how it makes you a better person or how to apply it in your projects. I’ll be giving you an insight into this useful tool to make your work and life ...

Key Basics to a Successful Mobile App Launch

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Technology in the 21st century has improved many lives and made things easy for humans in all aspects of their daily activities. Technology today has been a major means of communication, and with the enhancement of multimedia technologies, such as the mobile phones, different people from a...

Designing for a Native App vs Web App

2019-09-18 23:21 By Carl-Johan Larsson - Comment(s)

There are about three different mobile app types, any of which you can choose for your mobile app development project. These three mobile app types are native app, web app, and hybrid app. In this article, we’re going to focus just on two of these three. We will be looking at the native ap...

Common App UX Design Errors to Avoid

2019-09-18 23:18 By Carl-Johan Larsson - Comment(s)

The beauty of creating an app is the opportunity you provide your users to interact on a personal level with the app and this can only be achieved through proper designing. The layout and designs of the app should always be done with simplicity in mind. A good app is not just determined by...

Basic Rules of Prototyping - Design Thinking

2019-09-18 23:16 By Carl-Johan Larsson - Comment(s)

Prototyping is an excellent method of gaining insight into a design thinking process. It involves developing an initial, scaled-down, and inexpensive version of a product to reveal any unseen issues with the current design or proposed design. 

Designers use prototyping as an avenue to bring thei...

Basic iOS Features for Every App

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iOS, formerly regarded as iPhone OS, is a mobile operating system which was created and developed by a tech company called Apple Inc. Unlike Android, iOS was developed exclusively for its hardware, and it has so many features that make it distinct from Android. The iOS operating system is currently ...

Basic Android Features for Every App

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The Android operating system is a mobile operating system which is based on a modified Linux kernel version, as well as other open-source software. It was created by Google and was designed basically for smartphones, tablets, and other touchscreen mobile devices. Over the years, the Androi...

Android App Development: Fundamentals for Newbies

2019-09-16 19:02 By Carl-Johan Larsson - Comment(s)

The impressive features present in apps draw your users’ interest. Smartphones don’t make themselves “smart,” instead, apps do make smartphones “smart.” Through apps beneficial features, we have adjusted how we function daily.

Passionate developers are always busy, developing their apps, and integrat...